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We are located between Carleton and Miguasha on a wonderful site with picturesque view of the mountains and the ocean.

The Gaspe peninsula

Le Rocher-Percé Gaspésie is rightly designated as a recognized and sought-after destination in Quebec's tourism history. Long renowned for the beauty of its commanding natural landscapes, the region attracts visitors from all four corners of the world. Initially valued by burgesses for the salmon fishing and the wide expanse of its resorts, it is rapidly becoming a first-class Québec travel destination. It stands out thanks to its uniqueness and its size.

The Chaleur Bay

Aided by the natural elements that surround it, the Chaleur bay protects itself from the winds and enjoys a microclimate that warms its waters. Its name, which means "bay of warmth", is very adequate! The bay was named so by Jaques Cartier in 1534, when he arrived during a July heat wave! This seaside region will seduce you with its long inviting beaches caressed by the waves of a sea beaming with magnificence, and with its mountainous panoramas and red cliffs crowned by an abundant vegetation.

Regional activities